LockeStar Cavaliers

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Puppies Available

3 Black and Tan Boys Born 6/22/2016!

Can CH Embee's Mischief Managed


LockeStar Love Struck

Arrow is a happy mom.  Teddy is up front while Albus and Sirius are nursing.

Teddy, Sirius, and Albus (L to R) 10 days old

Teddy, Albus, and Sirius (L to R) 10 days old

Contact Sarah S. at Kazuri Beagles and Cavaliers for more information on this litter.

Please note that all our dogs are fed a raw food diet, and we prefer they go to pet homes that will continue to feed them raw, freeze dried, or similar foods.  All our puppies are weaned to this diet.  

Please contact Alisha L. for additional questions.

Scroll down to see past litters and more information on puppy care!

Past Litters

3 Puppies Born on December 14th, 2015 by:

Ringhill's Romeo O Romeo



LockeStar Love Cent'Sation


LockeStar Be Still My Heart - "Kinzie"

Blenheim Female

Living in Standwood, WA

LockeStar Keep My Heart At Bay - "Baylea"

Tricolor Female

Living in BC

LockeStar Can't Buy My Love - "Dollar"

Black and Tan Female

Living in Shelton, WA

4 Puppies Born on June 7th, 2014 by:


CH Turretbank To Sir With Love


        BISS GCH Pensrick Ace of Spades


LockeStar Ready Aim Fire - "Aimee"

Tri-Color Female

Now goes by "Quinn"

Living in Michigan

LockeStar Little Sure Shot - "Annie"

Black and Tan Female 1

Now goes by "Sassy"

Living in Tacoma, WA

LockeStar Love Struck - "Arrow"
Black and Tan Female 2
Living in Woodinville, WA

LockeStar Locked N Loaded - "Ammo"

Black and Tan Male

Living in Woodinville, WA

One Puppy Born November 3rd, 2013 By:

CH Turretbank To Sir With Love - "Sidney"   x   BISS GCH Pensrick Ace of Spades - "Coco"

LockeStar Love Cent'Sation - "Penny"

Blenheim Female

Living in Pullman, WA

Puppy Care

Puppy care starts with making sure the mother is healthy and receiving superior nutrition before and during pregnancy.  I am a firm believer in feeding a raw or freeze dried diet, which all puppies are weaned to.  I currently feed "Answers" raw food, and sometimes use "Instinct".  I also like the freeze dried foods Primal, Vital Essentials, and Stella and Chewy.  

Puppies will be handled and stimulated to encourage early neurological development which aids in their resilience and tolerance to stress.  They will be introduced to children, adults, men and women, objects, textures, sights, sounds, smells, and other safe healthy animals to prepare them for the big world.  A well socialized puppy is a joy to live with.

I am on my computer often and love photography. I will send prospective owners photo updates of puppies as often as I can!  I also frequently update the LockeStar Cavaliers FaceBook page.

All puppies go home at the age of 10+ weeks with a care package. This package will contain their vaccination/worming schedule, health check up documents, feeding guidelines, 1 months worth of raw food, pedigree, health guarantee, and a copy of the Cavalier Club's Code of Ethics.  Puppies will also already be started on potty training, crate training, and general obedience (sit, come, wait, wearing a leash, etc).

If I do not have any puppies available I am more than happy to refer you to another breeder whose practices I admire and respect.

Please contact me if you are interested in a puppy or have any questions regarding Cavaliers or diet. I don't mind just talking about the dogs even if you aren't ready for a puppy yet.

FAQs on Pricing

Q: How much does a Cavalier puppy cost?

A: $1,500 - $2,500, is the average pet puppy price depending on age and quality.  Show potential often times go over $3,000, and dogs over 18mo generally $1,500 or under.

Q: How much does it actually cost to breed a litter?

A: The price of each puppy is determined to help offset the costs breeders encounter to create the litter. Rarely will a breeder in Cavaliers make a profitHere is an example of some approximate costs a breeder might encounter:

$2,000 - Annual average in conformation showing
$1,000 - Health testing  hips, knees, DNA, MRI, and annual heart/eye exams by specialists)
$1,500 - Stud fee
$  500 - Travel and/or shipping expenses
$  500 - Fertility timing and testing

Total: $5,500 - and there aren't even any puppies to sell yet!  Sometimes a girl will end up not getting pregnant and you have to try again in 6 months on her next heat cycle, and pay the semen shipment and fertility timing/testing fees all over again!

$1,000 - C-Section and/or veterinary care during delivery
$   500 - Puppy care up to 10 weeks (food, worming, vaccinations, wellness check, toys, supplies)

Total Estimated Cost for 1 litter: $7,000

Consider that the breeder will keep a puppy back from a breeding.  Now do the math on how big the litter needs to be in order to make a profit.  The average Cavalier litter ranges from 3 - 5.

Q: Will you make a deal with me on the price of a puppy?

A: Taking a Cavalier puppy home will be a great expense to the prospective owner.  You will need food, supplies, veterinary care, and training for the LIFETIME of this dog.  Ethical breeders care very much so about the homes their puppies are placed into, and want to ensure that the family will be able to provide everything the dog will need, no questions asked.  On an otherwise perfectly normal and healthy young puppy, no "deals" will be made. 

We kindly ask if you are looking on a deal for a puppy, to think again about what kind of practice you will end up supporting.  Finding a $500 puppy will likely be because that is all that "breeder" requires per puppy to break even or make a profit off the litter.  What things do you think they are skipping to bring the cost down for their customers?  You will risk health and temperament problems, and may not end up with a dog that looks like a Cavalier should.  Please please please, don't try to bargain shop for your next family member if you want a purebred Cavalier puppy!  You get what you pay for!